Commit to yourself

Self-love and self-care require commitment. That commitment is based on trust, just like with any other relationship you need to trust yourself and commit to being all in. Your goals help you create the life you want to live, the life that challenges, yet encourages you to nourish growth. You want this self-commitment to last. Your self-trust allows you to acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments and reminds you that this is a process; every day will not look exactly the way you envisioned it 100% of the days. This is where the growth and self-trust comes in.

Adapting as needed and being open-minded to the process will create the self-love we all need. Once this commitment is fully embraced and accepted we can build even stronger positive external relationships and encourage others to embrace their authenticity.

I suggest a bit of self-reflection, not the kind that has you comparing yourself to friends or even strangers where they are in life, but the kind that helps you define the path you want to currently focus on to get started (you can adapt as needed, but first get started). What are three main goals you would like to focus on and can realistically incorporate into your current daily routine?

For example:

  • Be more health conscience
    • Fix healthier lunches
    • Substitute a not so healthy snack with a lower sugar option
    • Stretch when waking up and before going to bed
    • Walk for 15 minutes each day to start – even if it’s in circles in your living room and add more time as you feel comfortable
    • Drink more water and less soda
  • Enhance current work skills
    • Find a free online class to enhance spreadsheet skills
    • Take a free business writing class at the local library (online resource)
    • Ask your current manager about a budget for professional development (webinars, conference, books)
    • Connect with a mentor and learn what top skills the job you want actually requires and then research resources
  • Reduce my stress
    • Make time each day or week for a favorite hobby
    • Meditate and unwind before going to bed
    • Journal each night. Write out goals for the next day and list any stress inducers that you may be dealing with
    • Read or find another stress reducing activity that can be started and stopped throughout the day whenever you need a break

Those are just a few examples that may be something you can focus on or incorporate into your daily routine. What main goal(s) are you focused on right now?

Writing out goals, inspirational quotes, mantras, or affirmations can help you stay focused. Write out your main goal and post it somewhere that you can see it daily. Take five minutes each morning and read it, say it out loud, focus on at least one step you can incorporate into your day for a goal or let it serve as a reminder to stay committed to your main focus.

I am currently offering my one of a kind personalized typed quotes (goal list, mantras, etc.) with wax seal for less than $4 each! These are great self-gifts or gifts for friends to post in a place you can see daily and be reminded of your personal unique commitment to yourself! Visit my information page on this blog for more details and ordering instructions.

Thank you so much for reading this post and following me! Connect with me on Instagram (successencourager) for daily tips, quotes, and more! Please comment below or send me a message if you have any questions or would like to share your self-love or self-care tips!


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