Business Idea Prompt (BIP)

A few years ago, I created idea prompts and shared some as a guest blogger for a career site. As a writer, I enjoy writing prompts. Typically, a prompt is a short sentence or even a photo that a writer builds a story around.

I typically have 101 ideas flying around in my head, but I love creating the idea so much that I can’t focus long enough to follow through with one long enough to turn it into a business. But I love helping others succeed and watch them develop the ideas!

Sharing my ideas is a true passion of mine which I get very excited about and would like to start sharing Business Idea Prompts (BIP) here! By sharing an idea I hope to encourage others to turn goals (or interests) into careers or at the very least inspire to enhance or expand their own goals.

Creating these business ideas and sharing them with the world gives me the chance to share ideas with those who can execute them! My nickname may be ‘idea gal’, but I can’t always bring the ideas into a full circle. So I hope someone can develop these ideas into a fully functioning business!

If you have any questions about any of the ideas (keep checking back as I will add new ones often!) please contact me. I enjoy helping with planning, cost defining, narrowing down niche/topic, marketing, etc.

Side gigs, self-employment, earning extra income…etc. Side jobs are more popular and important than ever. Learning or enhancing skills are also key and easier than ever since so many opportunities are free and available online through webinars, online courses, etc.  Check with your local library to ask what online learning resources they offer. Some local libraries offer access to online learning resources, such as Gale courses, for free. Once a new skill is learned or current skills enhanced, these can be added to a resume or even turned into an additional income opportunity.

Questions? Please reach out!

Here is the first Business Idea Prompt (BIP) and an additional one.

hand drawing on paper "new idea"

So, what makes me an idea prompt master? Well, I wouldn’t call myself a master, but I do have ideas, I have developed hundreds of stories and researched a variety of topics. I have tried businesses that didn’t work out and some that did, I have read book after book and researched hundreds of How To  programs, I have succeeded in freelance writing, typing services, helping my husband grow his own business, I’ve worked for successful bosses for over 20 years, my mind works overtime and I’m ready to release those thoughts and get to helping people who feel they just need a little nudge to succeed.