About Me

I’m a writer and professional business assistant that enjoys encouraging others to succeed whether it’s other writers, someone looking to change careers or needing to find new employment. I write creatively and edit resumes, share resources, and help answer resume and writing questions and brainstorming to help with writer’s block!

I have always incorporated writing into my day jobs; newsletters, web content, volunteer writer for articles or philanthropic outreach, employee achievement letters, etc. I have published articles, short stories and poems. I’ve been a freelancer on such projects as product descriptions, restaurant review apps (taglines), career blogging, resumes, cover letters, business plans, artist bios, and provided research for other authors. I personally have written several fiction stories and currently editing a first draft of a mystery novel.

As much as I enjoy exploring my creative writing side, I find myself drawn back to business writing; providing support, edits and encouragement for those looking for employment, changing careers. I love helping other writers find opportunities to explore their work, help them brainstorm, or share what I have learned from writing classes, conferences, personal research, workshops, discussions with authors and agents, and more! I find my greatest happiness when I can share my knowledge yet still learning from others (which will be a constant for me!) and providing career consulting; being a success encourager!

I have had the opportunity to be included as a member of hiring committees, volunteer selection committees and one on one interviewing and hiring.

I offer free* basic resume reviews and minor edits to those who ask!

*Free to new customers, review and basic edits for standard one page resume, keyword suggestions, and format adjusting; no hidden fees. Additional services available; reasonable rates. Why so reasonable? Because I enjoy the work, helping others and I am blessed to share my knowledge and experience with others without charging high fees! 20 years writing and career experience.

Email me at successencourager@gmail.com or leave a comment or visit www.danabuchanan.com

Thank you so much for stopping by! I wish you much success!

What makes me an idea prompt master? Well, I wouldn’t call myself a master, but I do have ideas, I have developed hundreds of stories. I have tried business that didn’t work out, I have read book after book and researched hundreds of How to  programs, I have succeeded in freelance writing, typing services, helping my husband grow his own business, I’ve worked for successful supervisors for almost 20 years, my mind works overtime and I’m ready to release those thoughts and get to helping people who feel they just need a little nudge to succeed.

I’m also a gluten free lover of food and baking, crafts, knitting, painting and reading. Even though I’m not an expert in any field! I just enjoy any hobby that allows me to be creative!


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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What a wonderful person you are! And the funny thing is that until I got to the bottom of the page and saw your photo, I simply assumed you were a man. That says a lot about me, I think, and not necessarily good things either. But I am glad you are you. You have a wonderful smile. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m going to follow you!

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