Hire Me

With my blend of administrative assistant/coordinator and writing experience, I offer a unique and professional perspective to any project! I am an assistant by day and enjoy diving into magical worlds while I write children’s stories in the evenings!

Check out my about me  or email me successencourager@gmail.com  

  • Stuck on an idea or have some questions?
  • Looking for an enthusiastic audience-focused presentation speaker?
  • Want to invite me to write a guest post?
  • Are you an illustrator looking for a children’s book author?
  • Looking for a new book suggestion or a unique gift from the Book Muse Society?

Then go ahead –Email me! I’d be happy to share my career knowledge, help you talk through an idea or present a creative goal-focused (action planning) talk to your professional group or gathering of friends and family!!

Additional Services

  • Basic resume and Cover letter
  • Interviewer thank you letter
  • Small group presentations – audience is always my priority while I prepare the presentation and make it as unique as possible for specific group, but the main focus is goal setting; how to define a goal, steps needed and how to focus on accomplishing it! Great for personal and professional settings – corporate & small business and unique family & friend gatherings! It’s time to focus on your goals!
  • Bio or profile summary (web pages, book jackets, etc.)
  • Email templates (customer auto responses, special announcements & sales, etc.)
  • Freelance & temporary remote/virtual assistant
  • Web & blog content (guest blogger, ghostwriter, original content, etc.)
  • Product descriptions (great for handmade items sold online)
  • Career advising (job application advice, search ideas, changing careers, etc.)
  • Mission and goal statements
  • Goal setting, progress calendar and action plan
  • Letter writing and journaling presentations

My experience focus is for professional support staff (administrative assistants, coordinators, clerks, administrative associates, etc.) and non-profit careers, but I can provide career services for other fields as well!

  • Basic questions happily answered at no charge!
  • Additional professional writing and career services available at reasonable rates

Typical process for resume writing and edits – Information is gathered during email exchanges and/or phone conversations. A detailed list of experience, dates, duties, education, volunteer experience, personal statement etc. will be expected and discussed. I will work with you to gather all the answers to create a unique professional resume!

I have over 20 years writing and career experience.