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I have over 23 years of administrative professional & project management experience, but I have recently embraced the opportunity to focus on my writing and workshop development. I write blogs that encourage goal-setting and share career tips that I have learned over the past 23 plus years as an administrative professional and writer.

Reminder – I offer basic resume reviews and edits for FREE! Please contact me if you would like me to review your resume or if you have any career, resume, cover letter questions! I have had the opportunity to be a member of several hiring committees, volunteer selection committees and one on one interviewing and hiring experience. I enjoy sharing what I have learned from work experience, conferences, personal research, workshops, and other professional and personal development opportunities.

Check out my about me or email me successencourager@gmail.com

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  • Stuck on an idea or have some questions?
  • Interested in sample interview questions or resume edits?
  • Ready to focus on core values and mission success plans?
  • Want to invite me to write a guest post?
  • Are you an illustrator looking for a children’s book author?

With my blend of administrative assistant/coordinator and writing experience, I offer a unique and professional perspective to any project! I have 23 plus years as an administrative professional in the education and non-profit fields. During my personal and professional career and education experience, I have developed skills I would value and appreciate sharing with your students or employees. In the past few months, I have dedicated time and research to hone in on my presentation skills.

Additional Services

  • Bio or profile summary (web pages, book jackets, etc.)
  • Freelance & temporary remote/virtual assistant
  • Web & blog content (guest blogger, ghostwriter, original content, etc.)
  • Career advising (job application advice, search for ideas, changing careers, etc.)
  • Basic resume and cover letter and interviewer thank you letter templates
  • Mission and goal statements
  • Goal setting and action plan creation

Basic career questions happily answered at no charge!

I have over 23 years of writing and career experience and love all opportunities to share that knowledge! Please email me with questions or to schedule a meeting to discuss your personalized needs and options. successencourager@gmail.com

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