Typed quotes and wax seals

Unique typed quotes with wax seal are now available!

What is a typed quote with a wax seal? It is a quote typed on a vintage typewriter with a wax seal to finish off this unique gift.

Why? I recently re-discovered by love of typing on my vintage typewriter. The imperfect font and even the sound of keys being typed and the bell to indicate the end of a sentence has become my creative outlet! I have combined the love of typing and my love of quotes to create unique typed quotes with a wax seal to complete this creative process. I enjoy the process and I am grateful to have friends asking me to share this gift with others!

PLEASE NOTE – Each creation is unique and hand-typed with a unique color blend of wax for the seal. You can choose a random quote (which will be one I personally choose and/or have created) or you can request a personalized one created uniquely for you with your favorite quote, zodiac sign traits, goal focus, verse, vow, or mantra. 

Typically, quotes are typed on lightweight cardstock, 4×6 or smaller, and typeset has imperfections due to vintage typewriter (which make each one fun and unique!), typewriter ribbon color is primarily black, but red ribbon does appear on some letters with a typical vintage typewriter font size of about 12. 

Current stamp available – Heart, Bee, Tree, Moon & Stars, With Love, Small Feather, Medium Feather, or Compass. 

Each creation is made to order so please allow a minimum of 24 hours for me to create and mail your order. To see examples, you can find me (successencourager) on Instagram and view several samples! 

Standard shipping costs INCLUDED in price!

Each quote/seal is unique and has imperfections due to typewriter age, typeset, etc. 

  • Display it for daily motivation; with or without a frame
  • Choose the friend sharing option to receive two quotes – one for you and one to give away!
  • They make unique special gifts for birthdays, weddings, or just an encouraging note to a friend!
  • The quotes can serve as goal reminders, mantras, or anything to encourage you each time you look at it! 

Click HERE to order and for more information!

REMEMBER – please send me your mailing address and if you choose a personalized quote include that too! Simple as that! Reach out to me with any questions at all! successencourager@gmail.com

Preferably, quote or seal related, but I will do my best to answer any questions! 🙂