I personally use a goal setting method I call the window pane. It is a layout of the goal categories I focus on (read more about those here). There is a section with this method in my goal planner (on sale now!)

How does it work?

  • Review each category and the definition:
    • Well-beingMental and physical health; stretching, walking, meditation, conscious eating, plenty of water. Ask yourself – What are my health goals, what are my limits?
    • Spirit – Emorional wellbeing. Self-care, gratitude journaling, positive affirmations, create, hobbies. Ask yourself – What brings joy and peace? What nourishes me?
    • Circle – Mutual relationships that allow you to give and receive support; family, friends, work friendships, recovery groups, clubs or hobby groups. Ask yourself – Who balances with me? Who supports me and invites my support?
    • ProductivityDaily routine; work, volunteering, caregiving, budgeting, learning. Ask yourself – What is my current daily schedule (define it). What do I want my future schedule or routine to look like and consist of?
  • Create four sections (or use the layout in the journal) that looks similar to a window pane. Put the title of each one category in each corner. Write out your definitions of important areas in your life for each of the categories.
    • For example for Well-being, I have noted that I miss yoga, but enjoy my daily meditation. A goal that could result from this is to sign up for yoga class or research free video options and incorporate into my daily routine.
  • Review your list and ask:
    • Where can I improve?
    • What area do I connect with the most?
    • What area needs attention now?
    • Which area can I start focusing on today?

Once you see the layout and can focus on the area that you connect with most you can set small steps to create your new current goal focus. Don’t get overwhelmed and think that all areas need focus at once. It all starts with one focus; one step. I sometimes keep my window pane visible where I can see it daily as a reminder of what I’m focused on and what I will take a step toward each day!

I’d love to hear what your main category focus is! Comment below or email me at successencourager@gmail.com. Find me on Instagram for daily encouragement quotes!Thanks for reading and following; keep goaling!



Become (verb): begin to be.

It’s the perfect time to start (or re-discover) & acknowledge your next beginning/becoming. Challeges can present opportunity for growth & realization that it’s a perfect time to acknowledge what brings you joy (and the steps needed to create that joy).

Self-development includes acknowledging what brings more happiness into your life, yet inspires growth beyond your current comfort zone. Making a commitment to become your authentic self through self-love, self-care and self-discovery is the first step to beginning your next phase. Don’t let fear of what others will think or your own self-doubt stop you. Start at your own pace, walk your unique path and, please, remind yourself you are brave enough & strong enough to embrace your new beginning.

What is your “becoming focus”?

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