Growth – the beautiful process

Please know that the uneasy feeling you are struggling with is growth. Listen. Hear what you are destined to do next. Accept it, embrace it, and wholeheartedly pursue it.

Growth is essential. It’s going to be OK, actually, it’s going to be wonderful, the next phase is going to be exactly what you need and want! The process of growth can seem uncomfortable even painful, but if we focus on the beauty of it we can accept the discomfort knowing the outcome holds so much joy.

Accept the potential, the bravery, and the ability that you hold within you. It’s so very powerful and unique to you. You are the only one in the world that is capable of your unique growth. Embrace it!

Tips on listening to the stirring of your unique growth:

  • Pause and reflect on your goals, where your thoughts and heart drift to, the interests you have, and the gifts you hold that can get you to the next cycle.
  • Journal and write out the phrases and words that come to you when you allow yourself to daydream. These are a part of you for a reason.
  • Acknowledge all of the inner work you have done and accept the fact you are ready. You are ready to grow and take action.
  • Seek resources, support, knowledge, and time to create this next cycle of life, the next stage is waiting to be set.

Please know it’s going to be OK! It’s going to be so rewarding.

What are you focused on?

Please reach out with tips or questions.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

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