26 Fiction Reads in 52 Weeks

    26 Reads in 52 Weeks

Update – I have run into a few distractions, but not giving up on this goal! Updates will be posted soon!

I’m always looking for realistic goals for myself while encouraging others to do the same. One I typically struggle with is ‘to read more’. I love books! I love writers! I love reading! Yet, I still stumble with this goal.

The past few years I have started reading more non-fiction books. I greatly enjoy researching and discovering processes, self-discovery tips, and more! Although, I miss escaping into a good fiction read. I can easily say I want to read more and even pick up books from my local library or picking up a bargain at a discount bookshop, but I struggle with finishing the read!

I have never set a reading count goal or schedule for reading…but it’s never too late! I have a realistic plan for my goal this year. I realize ‘reading more’ may seem like a very common goal, 26 books in a year’s time may seem minor to some or overwhelming to others. But this is my unique goal with an action plan that will work into my routine.

My goal is to read 26 fiction books in 52 weeks; about a book every 14 days. If each book is around 300 words, that calculates to about 22 pages a day…around 30 minutes of reading a day! I can do this! And so can you! I’d love for you to join me. You can have a goal to read 1 book this year or 1,000.

To join in – connect with me on Instagram and simply use the hashtag #26reads52weeks or comment below with your read count goal. Update what you are reading, a brief recap as you progress. I can’t wait to hear about the wonderful books that will be read this year!!! 

Also, I’m excited to announce that my goal focused journal is now complete & available in small batch printing!!! My excitement about seeing a completed goal in print form is beyond measure and my gratitude to all of those encouraging me and supporting me extends to all visiting my sites!

Tell me about your reading goal below or a goal you plan on focusing on this week, month or year.

Questions? email me – successencourager@gmail.com

2019 reads Fiction (short blurbs about my fiction reads)

Book 1 – (Jan.1-13) – Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez. I value the writing ability in this book, the scenes are written with depth that puts you in that time period…but it’s not my style of book. There were several quotes and sections that I found very intelligent, enlightening even, but overall the story line (especially several relationship scnearios) is just not my type of story. I found it difficult to like the characters, I realize they are a certain type and fit very well into the theme and setting of the story, so again I admire and value the writing, but it just was not something I would read again or would have picked if I had known more of the details. But one fiction book read and a day ahead of schedule!!!! Time to celebrate!

Book 2 – (Jan. 14 – 28) I’m starting to choose what I read next by the book that the library has available on my to read list, so as they come in they will determine what I read next (to a point)…How to Stop Time by Matt Haig. I’m excited about reading this one! WOW, this was an amazing read. I finished it early and loved it. I have written down several quotes from the book, it was a very good read. I’d read this book again actually.

Book 3 – (Jan. 29 to ) Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. I actually had this on a list last year. I reserved it from my local library and I was a few down the line. By the time it came in I had a few things in life happening and only read a few pages before I had to turn it back in…I enjoyed the first few pages and so this is my choice for book number 3!


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