Staying focused on your goals

A few months ago I posted about my window pane method. I find myself going back to this method often. It’s a great way to focus on a goal you want to start and set an action plan, but it’s also a great way to check-in and reevaluate your focus and set the next action steps needed.

Focus is a word that I could repeat several times a day to myself and still need to hear it more. I tend to have so many ideas and plans floating around in my head it is difficult to focus on one or even three. I love accomplishing goals though, I love discovering and learning…I enjoy the planning process; the journey. I sometimes get so caught up in the discovering that I fear once I complete something I will feel a bit of a loss…sounds silly I know!

Accomplishing a goal is an amazing feeling. Finding a new positive routine to add to my day to reduce stress, learn, meditate, etc. is such a renewing feeling. And 99% of the time accomplishing one-goal leads to focusing on another and yet another.

Goal accomplishment is not an end…it is an addition to my own self-discovery and proof that I am capable of additional goals. Whenever I start to feel a bit anxious about a goal completion being an ‘end’ I remind myself of the self-discovery and how every goal completed, every positive habit added to my routine or adjustment to my routine…is in fact what makes me who I am. Are we not the sum of all of our goals, experiences, and learnings?

Isn’t it exciting to think how far we have come, yet we still have so much more to discover?

Self-paced learning is something that I am constantly discovering and helps me clarify the many ideas that I find myself thinking about. It also helps me discover & appreciate my own personal pace.

We live in a world that makes is so convenient to learn…there are videos, print and audiobooks, several ways to communicate with professionals and experts in almost any field, connect with peers and others focused on the same topics, free library resources, and classes…the list goes on and on.

Basic tips for self-paced learning:

  • Define something you want to learn whether it is a hobby/personal enrichment or professional development such as new knowledge. If you want to learn how to make jewelry to sell online as a side business you would start with defining what type of jewelry making do you enjoy…research the budget needed for supplies…research online learning options, books, etc. and then study and create and study more and create more and as often as you can!
  • Next research how and where you can sell your creations; online stores and social media, craft shows, neighbors and friends, setting up a weekend sale in your own yard or at a local craft fair, consignment artist community/shop, etc.
  • Adapt and evolve. Dive right in and see what works and what doesn’t. Adapt as needed. Maybe you don’t sell as much and the hosting cost is too much for certain online selling so you focus on other marketing options and selling at venues or craft shows in person.

The tips and examples above are simple, but you get the idea…Self-paced learning can help you focus and creates an opportunity to learn more.

What are you interested in right now? What goal do you want to start dedicating more time to? What topic would you like to expand your knowledge in? Comment below or email me at Find me on Instagram (successencourager) for daily encouragement quotes!

Thanks for reading and following; keep goaling!

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