The path to personal comfort

Personal comfort not only allows you to explore personal interests, but also encourages you to settle into the career of your choice. Whether your career decision is working with someone else or own your own, comfort allows you to acknowledge what you really want. Hopefully, with personal comfort you find a career choice, whether full or part time, that makes you happy.

What is Personal comfort? It’s simply focusing on what you truly want and being comfortable enough to search it out; personally and professionally. Even if you are not working at your dream job there are ways to take steps to eventually be! I have other articles on business ideas, resume tips, self learning, and more that can help guide you through this process.

How does one accomplish personal or professional comfort? There are several ways, I will highlight a few below! I am inspired by those who seem to be born with this comfort, others, like myself, have to focus and work at embracing it. I sometimes doubt myself or abilities; it’s easier to see in others rather than myself. Part of this inner and outer comfort is accepting your gift, your skills, your experience and sharing it with others.

  • I find journaling to be a good way to accept and recognize your gifts and find your personal comfort ‘zone’. Make a list (whether electronically or in a bound journal) of your hobbies, skills, etc. The things in life you find joy in to start the process and/or have a visual and own what you are good at and enjoy!
  • For professional comfort exploring, I suggest to review several University programs and career demand sites (web search most popular or in-demand careers) to get ideas of careers and learning options that fit your interest. Even if the careers you are interested in require a degree or experience you do not have, these lists can help you explore all of the options and the possible training you may want to start learning. It can also give you ideas for self-employment and start up business opportunities that may be in demand and fit your interests
  • Spend some time alone…I know this sounds simple, but find a quiet place and focus on what you want, what you would like to achieve; career path or change or even starting a new business.  Reflect on your current skills and past experiences. Write down five ‘baby steps’ that could help you accomplish your future goal. Baby steps can include:
    • Attend classes to learn new skills. Some may be provided for free through your local library or other community classes
    • Browse openings in the field you are interested in and apply
    • Update your resume
    • Research requirements to start a business whether full or part time
    • Talk with friends, business owners, small business bureau or local community leaders and ask questions about small business or certain careers that interest you
  • Practice practice practice! Practice your hobby or favorite skill; perfecting what makes you happy is never a bad thing!

Thank you so much for reading. Please share any tips you have for discovering personal or professional comfort. Questions? email me!

I hope you find your comfort both professionally and personally.


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